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Interview with Sophia:

This week, I met with my class mate Aaron's 5 year old daughter sophia to ask her about her dream toy. In the beginning, she was a bit shy and didn't talk much. So, I played with her in park for a while to make her comfortable. Afterwards, we came inside and started talking about her dream toy. At first, we discussed the possibility of a repunzal doll with long golden hair. However, since she didn't have any old doll which I could use to mould so we decided that doll wouldn't be feasible. Then her mother told me that she has been asking for a doll house for a while. Sophia liked this idea and drew a house for me. She also told me the colors she would like the house to be. Afterwards, she showed me her cute little doll and her house furniture which she wants to put in the house. It gave me an estimate for the size of the house. Here is a picture of Sophia drawing a doll house for me:

Here is a picture of the house, Sophia drew: 

Here is the image of the furniture and doll which Sophia wants to put in her house:


I first drew a simplistic design for a doll house on paper. Then drew different sections of the house on paper separately i.e. walls, base, back etc and tried to calculate the height and width of the house. Using these dimensions, I drew the pieces in corel draw, laser cut them and joint them using glue. Since the house is a bit high and wasn't standing straight so I used Claire's tip to attach triangle supports with the walls. I'll use this model tos eek Sophia's feedback:

 Here are some pictures to show how my design evolved from paper to cardboard:

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